Join the Movement


No need to reinvent the wheel – if there’s a group in your community with a similar mission, join them! If not then let’s get started. You really only need two things:

  • Five or so people to partner with in your community

  • A commitment from all to spread the word!


Identify a few co-founders
Find friends and colleagues who can help by recruiting local businesses and community members. For the most success, find those with different social networks and connections to a variety of local businesses.

Create a Facebook Group
1. Create a Facebook Group for your Bridge [your community] name (e.g., Bridge Albany) as well as an Instagram account Bridge [your community].

2. Set the group to ‘Public’ status and enable auto-join rules.

3. Upload photos and pin an announcement to the top of the group.

4. Link our Playbook for Businesses to the page so your local businesses know how to post their needs effectively.

Now the fun part. Let’s get your community involved! Here’s how to spread the word far and wide:

1. Ask community members and local businesses to join your Bridge [your community name] Facebook group and Instagram account:

  • Email your contacts and post messages on your Instagram and/or Facebook accounts, any local Facebook groups that you’re a member of, and/or other social media channels that you use regularly.

2. Monitor your Bridge [your community name] Facebook Group

  • Keep on top of your Bridge [your community] group/account to ensure that businesses are posting needs, updating users on their progress, and pinning new/unmet needs to the top of the feed on a rotating basis.

3. Recruit help!

  • Ask members to send out the same outreach email/posts that you did.

  • Recruit people from your email list and get your community involved to support each other!

  • Create a standardized social post that can be shared across your network.

  • Tag local businesses that you are connected to, businesses that you love, and those that you want to support.

  • Encourage those businesses to post on the Bridge [your community] page, and to amplify the effort across their own social channels.

4. Spread the word through local media

  • Reach out to your local news, radio and print media outlets and let them know about your Bridge [your community].

  • Pitch it as a community interest story and ask if they’ll do a segment or article about your Bridge [your community] program and the businesses that it’s supporting.

5. Keep the momentum strong by:

  • Posting updates and tagging local businesses and community members.

  • Promoting new needs

  • Highlighting success stories

  • Re-sharing social posts and inviting more and more to your Bridge [your community] page.