Bridge Our Communities


As we come together to protect our health through social distancing and sheltering in place, our family, friends and neighbors who run local businesses are paying a heavy price.

We all want to help but it’s challenging trying to figure out what to do about it. To solve the problem, we held a brainstorm session via videoconference and came up with something cool.




We could help support local business by donating what we would have spent on that cup of coffee or meal, or rock climbing session, or hotel stay, or concert ticket or other discretionary expense pre-COVID-19. But we wanted to make it easy for our community to support our local business all in one place. So we created the Bridge-Central Oregon Facebook group and Bridge Central Oregon on Instagram to support the vibrant community we love and appreciate. Within the first week, our world-famous Bend Rock Gym received over $5,000 from locals to support the 40 climbing coaches and staff affected by COVID-19. That’s when we realized we could help other communities do the same thing so we created Bridge Our Communities-Big Hearts for Small Businesses.


Bridge our Communities is an easy to follow step-by-step guide to using Facebook, Instagram, PayPal and/or Venmo to spread the word and activate financial support for local businesses. We hope you’ll take this guide and create your own Bridge [fill in your community’s name]!


Together we can make a difference!


In Love and Good Health,



Whether you're building or supporting the Bridge in your community, it only takes a few minutes.

1. Find A Group In Your Community

2. Form A New Group

3. Expand

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At Bend Rock Gym, our #1 priority is our people as they are a huge part of what makes our community and culture so special. We have already had to make the tough decision to temporarily layoff a large portion of our staff and work with them to gain access to unemployment coverage during this time of closure. While unemployment is a tremendous resource, it can take time to finally start receiving financial support.

We have been incredibly fortunate to get connected with a new Facebook Group - Bridge Central Oregon. This new group page offers an outlet for small and medium sized businesses experiencing challenges similar to ours to request and have their needs promoted to those in Central Oregon who are able and willing to support.

We are so grateful to announce that nearly $5000 has already been raised to directly support our staff through this challenging time. To those of you who have given, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And to those small businesses like ours that are no doubt struggling, we encourage you to share your story and your needs on the Bridge Central Oregon network. We have an amazing community in the high desert waiting to lend a helping hand.




I truly believe this movement that Bridge Central Oregon has started means the world to a lot of local business owners, myself included! Just a few hours after they promoted my handmade jewelry business, Wild Arch Collection, I received three new orders!